Python Training

Python is a great language. It is fast replacing Java as the first language that is introduced to children in the schools in the USA.
It is a language that can be used to develop command line programs, GUI ones, or Web based programs. It can be used for system administration as well as game programming or 3D imaging. Robust libraries ensure that it is the language used for practically anything that could be done on a computer.

Python also figures in the CBSE syllabus of the Indian School Computer curriculum. It can run on practically any hardware, right from the Raspberry Pi (the INR2,173 computer) to the huge servers. Cross platform, which means that the same program can be run on Linux, Windows, or the Mac, or any other operating system, with practically no modifications.

The broad outline of the syllabus that we cover for Basic Python/ Python Programming Language is as follows:
  * Introduction to The Python Programming Language
  * Control Flow Statement
  * Python types and data structures
  * Functions and Modules
  * Errors and Exceptions
  * Classes and Objects
  * String Manipulation and Text Processing
  * Real-world Python Modules.
We also undertake advanced Python courses for people with specific requirements like web development or GUI Program development.