PHP Training

PHP is the simplest of all web languages. What a brilliant concept! The whole of the web took off due to the coming of this language.
But, is it a secure language? This is an oft asked question.

It is a secure language, but only for them who are aware of all the measures to be taken while designing a site. Frameworks like Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Cake etc. have security built in. So security is not very much of an issue now.

But to develop any worthwhile project in any of the above PHP frameworks, it is an absolute must that one is proficient in PHP.
Designed with much similarity with the ‘C’ programming language in syntax, PHP is very easy to learn. Our course intends to lay a rock hard solid foundation for you to embark on your web development journey, where you will be taught the best practices and the measures to be adopted when developing a secure site.

Almost all the low cost hosting have PHP as the language available. It would not be difficult for one to host a mammoth site or number of such sites in PHP, in just a few thousand of rupees as the annual charges. So this is the go-to language for any person or organization with low budget.

PHP Syllabus

Your First Site
What is PHP
PHP Characteristics
PHP Configuration
The PHP Flags
PHP Commenting
PHP Outputting
Heredoc syntax
Another Example
Total PHP Types
Variable scope
Different from a variable
PHP Magic Constants
PHP Operator Types
Operator Precedence
String Concatenation
Certain escape-sequences
If Statement
Elseif Statement
Comparison Operator
Arithmetic Operators
Associative Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
Foreach Loop
For Loop
While and Do While Loops
Importance of consistency
Now compare it with this
Builtin Functions Example
Creating Functions
PHP Functions with parameter
Passing Arguments by Reference
Functions can return Values
Anonymous Functions
Include and require
Example of include
Database connectivity
Create a database
Create a table
Each table must have a primary ID
Inserting values into a Database
From a form
Example of form to database
Select data from Database
Use of the Where clause
Other MySQL Commands
Example of a class
What is $this
How statically?
Object Oriented Programming
Instantiate a new object
Set the properties
Access the properties of a class
Object Oriented Concepts:
Constructor Functions:
Inheritance effects
Function Overriding:
Public Members:
Private members:
Abstract Classes:
Static Keyword:
Final Keyword: