Angular JS

Angular JS is an awesome framework which just takes away the pain of frontend development.

Our team of experts will take you through the process and ensure that you make excellent use of the framework.

The course will culminate with a project where you will be guided through a project wherein you will build an app with either PHP or Python as your language of choice providing you with the REST API .

This will ensure an overall knowledge of the framework and how to make optimum use of that.

In order to undergo this course, you need to have a minimum knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Knowledge of JQuery is not mandatory but would help in understanding what pain you can avoid by learning AngularJS. :-)


What is AngularJS
How do we work in jQuery?
How does AngularJS do it differently?
The Hello World Program
What is data binding in AngularJS?
ng-models explained
Separation of MVC
Dependency Injection and the theory behind it
An example ( A Shopping Cart)
The $Scope
More about scopes
What is $rootScope?
An example of $rootScope
What are the basic functions of Scope
So Again what is a scope?
$scope Lifecycle
Directives and Scopes
Controller example
Create custom actions in controllers
Working with RESTful Resources
What is a promise?
Add functionality with Slim/(Other) controllers
Example of ParentController serving ChildScope
Making our Own Filter
Form Validation
Control Variables in Form
Directives in Depth
How to make a custom Directive
What types of HTML formats can we target?
What are services?
$location service explained