We undertake training a whole lot of technological and management subjects with an emphasis on skill building for the modern world.

There is a gap in the skills required for the industry and the skill sets that are imparted by the educational institutions, and this gap is likely to exist especially when we see the structural rigidity that exists in the educational institutions. Perhaps it is required too. Individuals who have to be efficient and productive have to be conversant with the emerging knowledge areas and keep abreast of the latest in their field to remain relevant.

This is the gap that Temkey Consulting tries to bridge. We get the best of faculty, who are masters in their field to interact with the students and give them the knowledge that is relevant in the present day, and the skill sets that companies are in the lookout for.

We leverage the opportunity that is made available due to open-source technologies and guide companies of all sizes to adopt those in part or full to save on costs and benefit from the robustness that is provided by these open-source platforms.