Temkey Consulting was established in November 2014.

The setup was designed to leverage the experiences that the founders had in the Logistics, Supply Chain, IT and the Training domain.

India is in a path of growth and there was an urgent need to establish a conduit that could identify the problems that firms face and suggest efficient means to overcome them.

The general awareness of technology and the efficient means it provides to business is not very well known to people in general.

As per the latest survey, only about 10 % of the businesses leverage technology to manage their firms. A lesser fraction of them use computers to manage their inventory and supply chain.

But, with the expansion of mobile technology there is an awakening in the country especially in the business arena. More and more businesses are adopting technology to manage their data. The online retail giants which were a niche market at one point of time are now real next door competitor. And the threat of losing relevance is looming large on many firms. This is where Temkey Consulting comes in and gets the businesses to reorganize their operations and keep abreast of the latest technologies.

With more and more businesses adopting technologies, the first bottleneck that they hit is the lack of trained manpower. Temkey Consulting bridges the gap by providing relevant training to individuals and companies to help them adopt technology and transition in a smooth and efficient manner.