Replace your Notepad – Windows 7

Keep the replacement of the notepad.exe ready.  Lots of choices, Notepad++, Notetab light, scite,…. .

Basically there are two places that you need to change the files for you to succeed in replacing notepad.exe.notepadRandom

You will need to have administrative rights for doing this.

  • c:\windows
  • c:\windows\system32

Make backups of the notepad.exe file in both of the folders.

You generally can not delete the notepad.exe files due to the file permissions associated with that.

You need to go to the file properties by right-clicking the notepad.exe and going to the ‘Security’ tab.

There is an ‘Advanced’ button in the lower half of the window. Click on that.

next in the ‘Owner’ tab you have to change the owner of the file from ‘TrustedInstaller’ to you.

For this click on the ‘edit’ button and choose your name or the administrator.

Once you have done that again right click on the notepad.exe and select ‘properties’ and teh ‘securities’ tab.

Now you click on ‘edit’ button and set the permissions to the appropriate group/user, basically click on the ‘Full control’  checkbox.

Click okay and apply. Confirm in the confirmation dialogue that pops up.

Now we can delete the notepad.exe from the folders mentioned above.

With the default notepad off from the sight, we can rename the executable of the replacement (could be Notepad++, NoteTabLight, Scite …) , whichever you have chosen, to notepad.exe and drop it in those folders.

You are ready to go.

Reference : – How to geek.


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